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  • Living room is the most important place in your home, your family's daily life here and the living room is a special place to welcome guests, so it is regarded as "the face" of the family . 
    Therefore, almost every family investment decorate your living room beautifully. SOFA sets to be considered as the center ornament, the key of the whole living room space. So the choice of sofa suitable for living room space is a matter of top priority. 
    So how are choosing a sofa is suitable for? 
      First of all you should pay attention to the size of the room then, the size of the sofa will depend on the size of the room. Depending on your preference, however, to the beautiful and airy, the sofa should not fight over half the area of ​​the room. 
    Currently, due to the increasing demand for high-makers should also design a lot of these private firms sofa with many different sizes, do not be too anxious to have the sofa like the choice not offline. 
       2nd point to note is that the color of the overall space living room and the color of the sofa: 
    To create a sense of harmony to your living room, the sofa color is also a very important point to be noted. Most customers when choosing colors for the living room sofa is based on the color of the interior space of the house, from the wall color to the background color ... Choosing tile colors so called tone color style under concrete. 
    Also, many people choose colors according to feng shui sofa suitable for home destiny to luck and success. Or a simple way, many people will choose a sofa according to the latest interior trends. These colors will be on display in the central area of the showroom. Because the products on display in this area is the highlight focus of units produced would recommend to clients. 
    If you like the tone needed, gently, you should choose the same color for sofa living room wall. Just a little darker is. For example, your walls a cream color, the color you can choose the color Masque sofa, with accents of brown or orange light .... 
    If you enjoy the highlights, you should choose a sofa with opposite colors, but harmony, for example, your walls a pale yellow, then choose dark blue sofa with cream-colored bracelets point, also can choose color sofa blood red or green light banana ... 
    Currently sofa simili whether or cloth are also many patterns, motifs. This makes the sofa more lively and suitable for many different ages. 
      Next is the design of the sofa: 
    Currently, the sofa is very diverse in style. You can freely choose a sofa that best suits your room space. Tend to choose sofa now largely directed to the chairs have a modern design, the new chair launches in the furniture market. Often this chair will be exhibited in the best location, best visible in the product showroom. 
    The market currently has two types most commonly used sofa Corner Sofa L shape sofa set and (Cobe). L-shaped corner sofa is usually preferable, as 70% of customers choose corner sofa. Not difficult to explain why the sofa is favored so much. By L corner sofa is designed in modern style suitable for the space of many apartments, especially apartments. In particular, L-shaped corner sofa will make your living space more open, more luxurious and more polite. 
    Many people have chosen for their style sofa sat, just lie and look to one side to get the feeling most comfortable and convenient. In addition to sitting, lying can relax, as television, movies ... 
      The selection of material is also very important: 
    The main material is leather, fabric, felt, velvet, faux leather, faux leather silimi ... With every kind of material would be the advantages and disadvantages of different. So, depending on the nature of the employer, uses, and each style designed by the employer to choose the appropriate sofa. 
    Advantages - Disadvantages of the material: 
      Material Advantages Disadvantages should 
    Coarse cloth, burlap airy, soft, rich colors and patterns porous vulnerable to dirty Choose a sofa can be removed for cleaning convenience 
    Soft velvet, smooth, warm, easy to clean sinh.Sang key, polite Easy dusty sofa should be placed in a closed room 
    Artificial leather, synthetic leather simili Easy to clean, clean, waterproof Color is not rich, monochromatic Avoid sharp objects 
    High durability of genuine leather, the ball, the more use as shiny leather luxury, high price level Mop, cleaning with a soft cloth, avoiding sharp objects 
      One point to keep in mind when buying a sofa is that: User's sofa 
    If the sofa set (COBE), you do not care about the direction, because they can spin or assemble the chairs together in a variety of shapes: Opposition or the sofa corner U. But you have to pay special attention . There are dead corner sofa designs so you can not redirect the seat. If you buy the wrong sofa and there was no space to fit in your living room is very annoying. We will take your room aesthetic. The sofa is very difficult to change, just the way you give yourself and extra funds to buy a new sofa. You remember the note issue offline! 
    Sofa so well worth the investment, right? 
    And issues to keep in mind before you decide to buy a sofa is: 
    1. Size of room 
    2. Color space living room 
    3. The color of the sofa 
    4. Designs 
    5. Material 
    6. User sofa 
    Wishing you choose the sofa as you want, with a very impressive room. 
    Best regards! 
    Interior revelation Red 
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