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Từ trung tâm Tp. Hồ Chí Minh đi qua KCN Tân Bình.
Tiếp tục đi qua cầu Tham Lương gặp ngã 3 Phan Văn Hớn quẹo tay trái.
Tiếp tục đi khoảng 1 km nhìn bên phải là đến HI FURNIURE địa chỉ 258 Phan Văn Hớn, P. Tân Thới Nhất, Q12, TP. HCM




  • Question: HI FURNITURE with delivery in the province? Shipping method and pay like?
    Reply: HI FURNITURE products not only nationwide distribution but also exported again. For customers in the province, form of transport mainly train or large truck of car lemon.
    For customers in the province, the form of payment is wire transfer and payment in advance. HI FURNITURE will delivery immediately after receiving payment or proof has transfer (UCN, transfer orders, payment papers stamped by the Bank ...)
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    Question: The order form?
    - Go directly to the showroom 694 Truong Chinh, P15, Tan Binh. HCM
    - Order by telephone: Hotline: 0906 919 313 - 0909 494 414
    - Order online: You can press the button to order directly in the description of each product on the website and fill out the form available. HI FURNITURE will contact you to confirm your order.
    - Order by mail:,
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    Question: Can I transfer under the account number?
    Answer: Please refer to the list of accounts in here
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    Question: I am in the City area. HCM can pay at home?
    Answer: For the City area. HCM HI FURNITURE apply a form of payment at home after the product has been delivered and fully assembled.
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    Question: Shipping cost is calculated like?
    - For City area. HCM: Depending on the delivery area and the value of the order to determine if free shipping or not. Often in inner city areas. HCM customers free shipping.
    - For customers outside the province: FURNITURE HI free shipping from warehouse to HI FURNITURE lemon car, train station / city. HCM. Customer transfer costs remaining payment on delivery vehicle owners.
    (See also how the transportation and shipping costs here)
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    Question: Every party warranty HI FURNITURE how many years?
    Answer: Our products are warranted FURNITURE HI 1 to 3 years (depending on the model) from the date you purchased. In case the product has a problem, please contact us, we will come to the warranty, troubleshooting within 24 hours.
    Warranty Hotline: 3815 08 3343-0909 494414-0906 919 313
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    Question: What product warranties?
    Answer: Is the HI FURNITURE warranty in the following cases:
    - Warranty valid (fully recorded information, and information on stock not shaved edited, erased).
    - Product manufacturers fault, faulty installation specifications and technical malfunction and errors in the construction process.
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    Question: Where does the warranty.
    Answer: The product is not warranted in the case:
    - These incidents caused by the purchaser: scratching, breaking, damaging distortions ...
    - Due to natural disasters, fires ... and other similar cases.
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    Question: HI FURNITURE designer can do it?
    Answer: If fewer than 100 of the HI FURNITURE not follow its own design, as HI FURNITURE production assembly line, more than 100 sets not to be passed.
    Product samples of the current HI FURNITURE also very rich, not too picky but luxurious, the interior of HI FURNITURE customer reviews is not obsolete over time, plus the material made from rubber wood naturally, the more grain is used more and more luxury.
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    Question: I am in the city, if I place an order how long the product?
    Reply: HI FURNITURE will arrange delivery immediately after confirming the order information.
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    Question: After the warranty period, the new product has a problem, support HI FURNITURE anything?
    Answer: In addition to the warranty period, maintenance HI forever FURNITURE also offline.
    Warranty Hotline: 3815 08 3343-0909 494414-0906 919 313
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    Question: I want to see the goods directly, directions to the showroom HI FURNITURE me?
    Answer: Through bow Republican - Truong Chinh 300m, then fork Pham Van Bach again is to go through 50m (right always)
    Consult the map here
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    Question: I want to do HI FURNITURE agents, agents What policies, procedures like?
    Answer: Consult agent policy here
    Or contact us directly: 0917 700 785 (Ms Hanh) - 0903 986 007 (Ms Dung)
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    Question: old hotel with more preferential policies for new guests?
    Answer: There is definitely more preferential, see details here
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    Question: HI FURNITURE has paid swipe it?
    Reply: HI FURNITURE have swipe card payments
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    Question: Opening time at HI FURNITURE?
    Reply: HI FURNITURE open from 08h to 20h30 on weekdays (except holidays has announced his retirement)